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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:01 pm

1. No Spamming
- No double posting.
- No short/meaningless posts.
- No smiley spamming.
- No posting purely to get your total post count up.
- No repeating exactly the same answer to a question.

2. Keep profanity use low.
- No major swearing.
- No flaming.
- No insulting people for not understanding something.
-No avatars that insult, have cussing or innaproprate things in it.

3. No Innapropriate images, links to videos, Links to images, etc.
- Nothing with offencive sounds, images or text.
- Nothing pornographic.
- The admin and mods ultimately decide whether a video/image is innapropriate.

4. Do not argue with a mod or admin
-if you are having a problem, please just pm a mod
-do not take it into your own hands
- if you do, you might end up flaming someone and end up getting banned, so just try not to argue, thank you.

-This includes claiming work is yours when its not.

6.No advertising.
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The Rules
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